DWARS for Internationals

What is DWARS?

DWARS, GroenLinkse Jongeren is the Dutch independent political youth organisation affiliated with GroenLinks. GroenLinks (“GreenLeft”) is the green party in the Netherlands. We believe in a green, social and free society for everyone. The objective of our organisation is to familiarise young people with politics in a fun and engaging way. Furthermore, we try to influence Dutch politics through our contact with Groenlinks, the media and political actions.

I am an International, how can I become involved in DWARS?

Dutch Politics for Internationals

Are you interested in Dutch green politics? Do you have a passion for solidarity, sustainability and social freedom? Then our committee ‘Dutch politics for internationals’ is exactly the place for you! The committee is still in development, but if you are interested, let us know by e-mailing internationaalsecretaris@dwars.org. Together we can create opportunities for great discussions.


Many cities in the Netherlands have their own local DWARS branch. Some of these branches host a lot of internationals such as DWARS Limburg in Maastricht. DWARS members are kind and interested people who usually speak English quite well. The social activities of branches are therefore an easy way of getting to know your fellow DWARS’ers. Joining political activities will be difficult since they are always Dutch spoken but be sure to check out fun activities like afternoon drinks or political actions. You can send an e-mail to your local DWARS branch (‘branch name’@dwars.org) to let them know you, a non-Dutch speaking person, will be attending so they can welcome you.