WhatsApp (English) 💬

To stay in contact with each other we have created two Whatsapp groups. One for notifications and updates from the board and one for chitchat. At the bottom of this page, you will find a form for registration for the Whatsapp groups. In all our chats is the Whatsapp policy being maintained. You can find the English version here.

In this group events that are being organized by the department are being promoted. We will also share protests that we want to attend and relevant petitions. In this group, only the administrators (the board members) can send messages. For conversations between members, we kindly ask you to check out the chitchat group.

Whatsapp group for chitchat.
In this group, everyone is allowed to send messages. It is the place to have discussions about local political topics or share other thoughts. Events, protests, or petitions are also often discussed. During the AAV or ALV members also stay in contact through the WhatsApp group.

Join the Whatsapp group