About us

DWARS is a political organization for youths. We are associated to GroenLinks (GreenLeft), which is a Dutch political party that is active in all areas of parliament: from municipalities to European Parliament. DWARS is an organization that promotes green, social and liberal politics and lifestyles. Our mission is to acquaint people with politics in a fun and accessible way. Besides that, we try to influence Dutch politics by organizing actions, getting our message out in the media, and staying in close contact with GroenLinks. DWARS Leiden-Haaglanden is the department for a region within Zuid-Holland (South-Holland).

DWARS Leiden-Haaglanden was founded after a fusion of the departments of The Hague and Leiden in 2014. Both groups weren’t active anymore, but enthusiasm for a regional group remained under members. In 2014 a lot of preparative work was done, and on October 30th the new department was officially founded. We have grown to become a lively department with a large active core of members ever since.

The department is mainly active in Leiden, The Hague and Delft, but we also have smaller municipalities. Once every two weeks we organize an activity. Apart from that, we’re active in several GroenLinks departments in the region and work together with other organizations.

We mostly work together with the boards and local Parties of GroenLinks in The Hague, Leiden and Delft. We also try to sneak a peek at other boards in our region, like the one in our ‘knuffelgemeente’.

Furthermore we work together with local departments of other political organizations for youths. It’s always fun to talk with people who see things from a different perspective, and together we organize interesting activities regarding several topics