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During the general assembly (GA) the board will give an account of the past year. Therefore, this is a good moment to pose questions to the board to get to know more about how things are going. You might have questions about certain decisions or about why certain things are being done the way they are. These questions can all be asked during the summer-GA. If the questions are quite complex, or if there is preparation needed to answer them, it is useful to know the questions beforehand. That is why here you can pose your questions for board members to be answered during the GA.

Voornaam/namen / First name/names
Aan wie wil je de vraag stellen? Het hele bestuur, een specifiek lid..? / Who do you want to ask question? The whole board, a specific member..?
Wat je wil weten. / What you want to know.
Wil je jouw vraag op de AAV toelichten? / Do you want to clarify your question at the DP?(Vereist)
Dit gaat erover of je nog extra toelichting wil geven bovenop wat je hier indient. Op de AAV je altijd nog vragen om toe te lichten. / This is about if you want to give extra clarification in addition to what you submit here. Its always to possible to ask to clarify at the DP.
Privacyvoorwaarden / Privacyconditions(Vereist)