Voor Nederlands, ga naar AAV-Moties.

A motion is a mission that the board is obligated to try to execute. If you for example think the board should focus more on a specific political issue or that they could do more to make our organisation more inclusive, then you can address this in a motion. If the general assembly (GA) votes for your motion, the board has until the next GA to execute your motion and they must justify themselves if they are unable to do so.

So, pose your motions for the summer-GA here.

De naam van jouw motie. / The name of your motion.
Voornaam & achternaam / First name & surname.
Wil je jouw motie op de AAV verdedigen? / Do you want to actively defend your motion at the DP?(Vereist)
Dit gaat erover of je vóór dat er vragen worden gesteld nog extra toelichting wil geven. Je verdedigen van vragen mag uiteraard altijd. / This is about if you want to give extra clarification before the questions are asked. Defending yourself from questions is of course always allowed.
Hoe de situatie nu is. / How the situation is now.
De reden voor de motie. / The reason for the motion.
Wie iets moet doen. / Who has to do something.
Wat iemand moet doen. What someone has to do.
Privacyvoorwaarden / Privacyconditions(Vereist)