Voor Nederlands, ga naar Zomer-AAV!

On Thursday June 15th the DWARS Amsterdam Summer-GA (General Assembly) will take place once again. At this GA we will elect a new board, the members of the audit- and searchcommittees and the chairs for the 5 other committees. Below you can find the listings for the board and the committees. In those listings you will find the information about the functions, and how to apply. You can apply to the Searchcommittee until Monday June 12th. You can also apply during the GA itself. Other important dates for applying will also be available through that link.

We will also discuss various motions and amendmentproposals for the department and its documents.

Besides that, we will discuss the state of the department, and the departing board will give their accounts. You can submit questions to the board beforehand, but of course you can also ask questions during the GA.

Even if you are still quite new to DWARS or DWARS Amsterdam, you are invited to come. You can register for our newsletter and the group chats via our website to stay up to date on all of our activities.