DWARS, The GreenLeft youth

DWARS is the youth organisation of the political party „GroenLinks” GreenLeft. We regularly organise events such as debates, movie nights, lectures, workshops, drinks and BBQs. DWARS Rotterdam-Rijnmond has a board consisting of five people and a group of active members. There are two committees active at the moment: the event co. and the action co. We also regularly have dinner together or go to a pub. Naturally, we discuss the latest gossip, politically incorrect topics and plot evil plans during these events.

Are you young, progressive and an environmentalist? Do you want to get involved in politics? We very much welcome internationals! Contact us and join one of our activities!

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All of our online communication is published both in Dutch and English.


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You can become a member for only €10 a year. Not quite sure yet? You’re welcome to join one of our activities to get to know us! You can become a member here:

Unfortunately, the page to become a member is only available in Dutch. If you need any help with translation, don’t hesitate to send us a message: