Grüne Jugend: Anti-Discrimination

On the 23rd of November at 18:00 (6pm) we, DWARS Rotterdam-Rijnmond and Grüne Jugend Hamburg, are organising an event on anti-discrimination. There will be two speakers: Debora Fernald and a mystery guest.

Debora Fernald will mostly be covering racism in Rotterdam and how her activism is aimed at fighthing it. Specifically, she will talk about STOER (Samen Tegen Onrecht En Racisme = Together Strong Against Injustice And Racism). She is STOER (tough), are you as well?

The mystery guest from Hamburg, Germany will talk about discrimination against queer people. They too will focus on how you can fight this type of discrimination.

Don’t forget to sign up so we can send you the Zoom link!!



  • Locatie: Online
  • Afdeling: DWARS Rotterdam-Rijnmond
  • Tijd: 23 November 2021 18:00