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DWARS, GroenLinkse Jongeren is the independent political youth organisation (PJO) affiliated with GroenLinks (GreenLeft).

We are an organisation by and for young people who affiliate with environmentalist and progressive politics: we stand for climate justice, social equality and economic fairness. To this end, we regularly organize activities including but not limited to:

  • Interesting talks by relevant speakers in fields related to Green, Left-wing politics, or on otherwise interesting topics
  • Discussions and debates
  • Demonstrations and protests

Aside from such topical events, there is also plenty of space at DWARS for social activities. We organize such activities at least once a month, where we might eat together, have a game or movie night, et cetera.

As DWARS is affiliated with a Dutch political party and focuses on Dutch politics, our main target audience is youth in the Netherlands. As such, most of our activities are in Dutch. Nevertheless, international students and non-Dutch speakers are always welcome to join our activities. Particularly at social activities, there will be plenty of people who would be happy to conversate in English. Keep an eye on our agenda to never miss out on any activity that might be organized in English.

Do you have any futher questions regarding DWARS Groningen and how you can participate and contribute as a non-Dutch speaker? Don’t hesitate to contact Gijs, our secretary, at secretaris.groningen@dwars.org