Discussion: result of the EU elections

Did you vote for the European elections and are you wondering how big the impact of that vote was? Are you surprised about the results? Or do you just want to know more about the European Union?

On Monday 10 June, we will have a nice evening where we will discuss the results of the European elections that took place last month. Justine Jones, lecturer European Studies, will explain the result of the elections to us. She will talk about how these outcomes fit into larger trends that we have seen in the European Union. Next to that, she will discuss what this means for the future of the European Union.

After the talk, there will be enough time to ask all your questions about these elections and we will have a discussion about what we just learned.

Invite all your friends and we hope to see you on Monday!

  • Locatie: GroenLinks pand, Coehoornsingel 87, Groningen
  • Afdeling: DWARS Groningen
  • Tijd: 10 June 2019 20:00