Announcements WhatsApp Group

In the DWARS Gelderland Announcements group, upcoming activities of DWARS Gelderland are announced. In this group, you don’t have to worry about an overload of messages.

Discussion WhatsApp Group

In the DWARS Gelderland Discussion group, political discussions are held in response to shared news articles. Sometimes a lot of messages are sent here, but they are always related to politics. Discussions can get heated, but they are always interesting!

Off-topic WhatsApp Group

In the DWARS Gelderland Off-topic group, members talk about all aspects of their daily lives. Anything goes here, and we always keep it fun. This way, you stay updated on the ups and downs of the members, especially their cats. We also share our weekly “Fittie of the Week,” where we present a dilemma, and you can argue why your opinion is the right one!

As a result, many messages may be sent in quick succession here (turning off notifications is recommended ;p).

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