PolCo (Political Committee)

How can a municipality best tackle the housing shortage? How can we ensure that green energy generation is well organized throughout the province? And how can we improve youth participation?

Do you enjoy engaging with these kinds of topics? Then you are more than welcome in the political committee of DWARS Gelderland! In this committee, we deal with these kinds of political issues, with plenty of room for discussion. By delving deeply into a subject, we can come to a solid position, which we can then translate into, for example, an opinion piece in the newspaper or advice to GroenLinks in municipal councils. So, if you enjoy a bit of debate but also want to delve deeper into certain topics, the PolCo is the place for you.

Aside from that, the political committee also values sociability highly! If there’s time, a drink after a meeting is always welcome, as politics is ultimately a process of communication. As with any committee, it’s important that everyone feels comfortable and welcome; therefore, respect for each other and each other’s opinions is very important.

Are you excited about the PolCo? Then send an email to politiek.gelderland@dwars.org and hopefully we’ll see each other soon!

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