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We proudly present the board of DWARS Gelderland. The board members introduce themselves below (only on the Dutch page for now).

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Board Member Support and Comfort

Name: Anne Jip (AJ)
Age: 5
Residence: Houses of board members

Hi there!
I’m Anne Jip, but you can call me AJ. I’m 4 years old, making me the youngest DWARS member in all of the Netherlands. I don’t have a fixed place to live, because I love staying with all the board members of DWARS Gelderland. Since I’m so soft and fluffy, my main task on the board is to be a pillow, a cuddle buddy, and something to hold onto tightly when my dear board members are having a tough time. Wherever the board is, I am too.

If you want to feel my irresistibly soft fur, be sure to drop by at a fun activity!

See you soon, AJ