Euregion Rhine-Waal Congres

The Euregion Rhine-Waal is a cross-border collaboration between Dutch and German border regions. Its most important goals are to improve and intensify the regions’ cooperation, both economically and socially. This is of course a substantial task which can be tackled in lots of ways from many directions.
So what are challenges the Euregion occupies itself with? Wherein lie the opportunities between Dutch and German collaboration? And what will the future of European cooperation be like?

Because of these questions and more, several political youth organizations from both Germany and the Netherlands will organize a congres at the Euregion Rhine-Waal headquarters in Kleve! There will be a program with several interesting talks and workshops on many topics from experts in the fields such as members of the European parliament, the Euregion’s board and more. Additionally, you will be able to share thoughts and chat with many people from a different country and political walk of life.

As can be seen in the aforementioned scheme, the second session of the day will be a talk by a board member of the Euregion Rhine-Waal!
In this half an hour session the board will tell us about the function of the Euregion and what they’re doing to improve Dutch-German border corporation on both economic and social subjects.
This is a session we cannot miss when being in the headquarters of the Euregion Rhine-Waal!

Are you also excited after seeing the program? Then quickly take up contact with the board of your political youth organization for information on things like how your organization will travel there!
Not a member of a political youth organization, but still interested? Please let us know about your attendence by sending an email to


During the final session of the day, we will focus on differences in the ways Germany and the Netherlands handle things in certain policy areas. How does the Dutch education system differ from the German one? Where can the Netherlands maybe learn from the way Germany organizes their climate and energy policy? Or how can the Netherlands help out Germany concerning social inequality between groups such as gender and refugees?

Other than just passively hearing about this, we will also discuss about these topics among ourselves in an interactive format!



  • Locatie: Emmericher Straße 24, 47533 Kleef
  • Afdeling: DWARS Gelderland
  • Tijd: 21 April 2018 10:00 tot 16:00