Drinks and Politics

Are you interested in joining a political youth party
and are you still on the fence about which one to join?
Do not hesitate to sign up for Drinks and Politics.
Here, many political youth organisations will be present
to answer your many questions regarding their parties and political views,
the attending parties will be: DWARS, Jonge Democraten, JOVD, NovUM and CDJA.
The event will take place at, Harvey Kitchen and Bar on September 1st at 8 PM.
Will we see you there? Sign up with the form below!

"Disregard the place in the picture and come to the place listed below
Harvey Kitchen and Bar at Hertogsingel 58-C, 6214 AE Maastricht"

  • Locatie: Harvey Kitchen and Bar, Hertogsingel 58-C, 6214 AE Maastricht
  • Afdeling: DWARS Limburg
  • Tijd: 01 September 2022 20:00